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About Us

We are a community where anyone can find God and friends, discover true community in Christ and His Church, and learn how the Holy Spirit empowers them to be the difference to those around them.


  • Point People to Jesus: Only through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, can people discover the love of God the Father and be reunited with Him.

  • Become Whole and Healthy through Him: Only Jesus can change every area of our lives transforming each of us into whole, healthy individuals who reflect Him.



  • Find Belonging: Make real, lasting friendships, find community, and find purpose.

  • Discover Truth: Learn who God is, how much He loves them, and what His plan is for their lives.

  • Be the Difference: Become whole, healthy individuals who are empowered by the Spirit to be authentic representations of Jesus and Heaven.

Evangel Life is part of a global church community, known as the Assemblies of God. As part of the Assemblies of God, we stand in agreement with their understanding and interpretation of Scripture and the doctrinal stances as stated in the “16 Fundamental Truths.”

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