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Core Values

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  • Honor Biblical Truth: The Bible is our plumb line, not preference or tradition. We study the Bible, spend time with God, and live in obedience to His will.

  •  Work to be Whole Healthy People: We choose to be vulnerable with God, ourselves, and others so we can grow in our capacity to reflect Christ. We share the joy, unity, and belonging that happens in the family of God.

  • Make Our Community Better: We go to where the people are, we take teams to connect, serve, and improve our county. We train, partner with, and send people out all over the world to impact communities for Christ.

  • Prioritize the Next Generation: We value what every generation brings to the table and we set them up for success by giving them opportunities to use, develop, and master their unique gifts and talents.

  • Be Fun & Inviting: We get what makes life enjoyable and share it. We are sincerely welcoming because it can make the difference between feeling like a stranger in a crowd or part of the celebration.

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