Our mission is for everyone to Encounter Jesus and Become Whole and Healthy through Him.



We create space for people to encounter Jesus. Because only through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, can people discover the love of God the Father and be reunited with Him.



As we encounter Jesus, he begins to change every area of our lives transforming each of us into whole, healthy individuals who live like he lived.


  • Find Belonging: People feel welcomed, included, valued, cared for, encouraged, and challenged.

  • Discover Truth: People see, hear, and feel what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.

  • Be the Difference: People become whole, healthy individuals who love God, others, and themselves well.


About Us

Evangel Life is a community of faith that focuses on connecting people to God and each other, so that we can all reflect Christ by being whole healthy people.


Our hope is that as we connect with God and each other, we will all be transformed into whole healthy people who love God, love others, and love ourselves well.  


Our prayer is that today you would experience Jesus, and begin your journey toward whole health. No matter where you come from, what season of life you are in, or what circumstances you may be facing, your new life in Christ can begin today.



This is Evangel Life, a community where everyone can Find Belonging, Discover Truth, and learn to Be the Difference.


Pastor Cyle Harless

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Core Values

  • Living out Biblical Truth 

  • Excelling in Passing the Baton 

  • Engaging in Community Improvement 

  • Launching Christian Leaders into the World 

  • Fostering Healthy Relationships 

  • Being Fun & Inviting 

  • Developing Whole, Healthy People 

Core Beliefs

  • Being a Christian means being Part of a Community.

  • In Becoming Whole, Healthy People by allowing God to transform every area of our lives.

  • In Equipping the Believer to live out his/her purpose in Jesus.

  • Being a Christian means Making a Difference in the world.

  • Worship is living for God as our authentic selves and Loving Every Moment of It.

Evangel Life is part of a larger fellowship known as the Assemblies of God. To learn more about the Assemblies of God and Evangel Life's doctrinal stances...

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